I enjoyed the course tremendously and have great respect for Tehilla's wisdom, insights, research and the compassion with which she helps us to come to grips with many challenges that we as couples are grappling with on a daily basis. Thank you - well worth it!

– Caroline G. Clinical Psychologist

The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox

I just wanted to say we learned SO MUCH and understand each other better now! Your course, the videos are such a great idea. The explanations were SUPER and the way you did the examples are very clear and understandable. We enjoyed it thoroughly and can really say we understand each other, and why we reacted in certain ways better and so we can now handle things in a better way.

Surene L. - The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox

The Ultimate Secret Tool Better Your Relationship Communication

Going in circles with the same fight? Or feel like you're talking to a wall? Frustrated and lonely is not something you have to settle for! And for ONLY $17 you can start making big changes today already!

Let me guess, you're feeling stuck and craving more?

It's a communication issue!

"We never seem to understand each other! It's like we're speaking different languages."

Love might need no manual, but communicating thankfully can have one! Get the tools to rebuild your connection and feel closer than you have in a long time!

"I miss the intimacy we used to have. It's like we're living as roommates now."

What will you learn:

  • The ONE secret insight tool that will transform your conversations and build your confidence!
  • 5 steps to mastering close Communication (these keys are often overlooked by other courses).
  • The psychology behind our communication pitfalls.
  • A step-by-step guide to difficult (emotionally triggering) conversations.
  • A workbook to take your findings deeper and learn to implement what you learned so the theory becomes practical, and you remember the new skills more.
  • Visualizations, predictors of divorce, and other amazing bonuses like up to 30% off any one of my other courses!

Communication: The Key To Intimacy

What You Get:

5 Steps To Clarity

5 Steps to build your skills so you can communicate with ease.

A Magic Key

Journal yourself to confidence and clarity with this very powerful tool.


Use this visualization to prepare yourself for any conversation.


Transform your relationship by integrating what you learn with additional prompts and exercises in your very own workbook.

As a play therapist working with children, I quickly learned that the children's mental health improved when the parent's relationship improved. I then dove all in to learn as much as I can (from top names in the field) to help parents transform their relationships as quickly as possible.

Since then (over the last decade) I have worked with hundreds of parents and loved seeing what impact their happiness has had on their children.

Your relationship has a direct impact on your children's confidence, happiness, and future relationships.

That is why I am passionate about helping couples with the best tools I've found to transform their relationships. For you and your children.

About Tehilla Luttig, Course Creator (and Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

Does this sound familiar?

  • He just doesn't listen to me!
  • I wish she would stop telling me how to do things!
  • I heard you the first time! Stop nagging!
  • It's like we speak two different languages.
  • I don't think he cares about us. I'm not a priority to him.

This communication course will leave you feeling:

  • Less resentment
  • Less dread for those difficult conversations
  • Less blow-ups or going around in circles
  • More respect & appreciation
  • More confidence & clarity
  • More empathy and validation

So... are you ready to get this thing started?

So... are you ready to get this thing started?

Get your relationship steering in a new, hope-filled direction, today already!

What would be different if you and your partner communicated better? How would that feel? Can you spend a moment feeling that? It can be yours - and you can start it immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I do this with my partner?

No. You do not need your partner to do this with you. Your partner is welcome to do it with you (share your sign in details with him / her). But you will find the course very informative, even if you do this course alone.

Can I do this if I'm single?

Well done on being pro-active. The more you know about relationships and communication, the more confident you will feel going into a new relationship! So yes, you are welcome to do this even if you're currently single!

How long will it take?

The videos aren't long, but they're to the point. The exercises should be repeated regularly to make sure the new habits stick. You are welcome to binge-watch the whole course or do a module a day. Whatever learning style suits you. Each module will give you a-ha's and tools to boost your communication confidence.

Is there a refund?

I have never needed to give a refund on any of my courses, but if - for ANY reason, you aren't satisfied with the course content. You are welcome to get a refund. There is 48 hours for this offer (time limit due to sneaky people stealing content). For $17 you won't be disappointed though. Module one is already worth more than that!

More questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be 100% certain of your decision. My email is and website is

Happily ever after doesn't only belong to fairytales. With the right tools, you can have it too!

Valued at over $200

Communication keys to unlocking the intimacy, closeness, and support in your relationship.

As a bonus - you get additional recordings to further your knowledge, a guided visualization, AND up to a 30% discount towards any of my other courses!!!

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